Cosmic Kitty

Website Design for a web3 Fan token cum crypto project.

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UpWork Client

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4 JAN 2023

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The Story

CosmoKitty is not just a meme coin; it's a revolution in the crypto cosmos. Born from a galaxy of fun and excitement, it's here to make your crypto experience playful and rewarding! In the vast expanse of the crypto universe, a star shone brighter than the rest - CosmoKitty. Created by a group of crypto enthusiasts and feline aficionados, CosmoKitty embarked on a mission to infuse joy and a sense of community in the blockchain space. Our coin symbolizes the spirit of adventure and the endless possibilities within the crypto world


Leveraging AI tools we created the concept of CosmicKitty a cute black and white kitten and gave it some space and cosmic touch . We Decided to caretaker dark nebula theme and used fonts accordingly to suit the theme.